YNM Systems releases 10 new PTZ cameras with High Bandwidth NDI.

29 Jun 2021
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New PTZ cameras to support High Bandwidth NDI for high-quality IP broadcast.

[ Seoul, South Korea. Jun 2021 ] YNM Systems Inc., the designer, and manufacturer of professional video equipment systems announced 9 new PTZ camera models that output 'High Bandwidth NDI' through ethernet output. 

NDI supporting models come in two categories - Standard and Premium. The standard NDI PTZ cameras (K-NM series) look the same as the exiting K-M series models except for the additional ethernet output connector. In fact, the NDI processing board was added inside the camera. The premium NDI PTZ cameras also stem from the Premium line-up of the P-A series. NDI processing board and ethernet output were added to the existing SDI, HDMI, and CVBS* video output interface. So the new P-NA series also offers a variety of options such as optical zoom option (20x vs 30x), 360degree endless panning, and/or SDI Genlock function. 

12x Optical Zoom

20x Optical Zoom

K-NM12 (K-M12 + NDI)

K-NM20 (K-M20 + NDI)

20x Optical Zoom
30x Optical Zoom

P-NA20 (P-A20 + NDI)

P-NA20S (P-A20 + 360˚ Endless + NDI) 

P-NA20G (P-A20 + SDI Genlock + NDI) 

P-NA20SG (P-A20 + 360˚ Endless + SDI Genlock + NDI)

P-NA30 (P-A30 + NDI)

P-NA30S (P-A30 + 360˚ Endless + NDI)

P-NA30G (P-A30 + SDI Genlock + NDI)

P-NA30SG (P-A30 + 360˚ Endless + SDI Genlock + NDI)

※ CVBS*: Models that support SDI Genlock (P-NA20G, NA20SG, P-NA30G, P-NA30SG) do not have CVBS output. 

For more information, visit the newly updated website of YNM Systems Inc. - www.ynminc.com

or contact our sales expert at sales@ynminc.com

[ About YNM Systems Inc. ]

YNM Systems Inc. is the designer and manufacturer of professional video equipment systems for the broadcast and ProAV industry. The Seoul-based company is specialized in professional PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras and industrial POV (Point-Of-View) cameras. PTZ cameras are widely used from the video conference system to broadcasting, while POV cameras are also widely used for monitoring marginal scenes in sports events and for various applications including real-time monitoring for remote operation systems. 

YNM Systems offers wide options for PTZ cameras with optical zoom, 360degree endless panning capability, and SDI Genlock function. Its keyboard controllers offer various unique functions for easier and faster control over PTZ cameras and can control up to 240 PTZ cameras via RS-422. The company also provides custom-design POV cameras with special housing and/or a super-fast video processing engine (Ultra Low Latency). 

[ About 'High Bandwidth' NDI ]

NDI stands for Network Device Interface, which "is a royalty-free software standard developed by NewTek to enable video-compatible products to communicate, deliver, and receive high-definition video over a computer network in a high-quality, low-latency manner that is frame accurate and suitable for switching in a live production environment." (from Wikipedia)

The term 'High Bandwidth NDI' refers to the original NDI codec (SHQ 2/7) which has ~ 100Mbit/s data rate for HD video (1080i), in order to distinguish this from the later-released lighter codecs with far much higher compression - NDI HX (8 ~ 20 Mbps based on H.264) and NDI HX2 (1 ~ 50Mbps based on H.264/H.265). These lighter codecs enable network broadcasting with minimized bandwidth in the sacrifice of picture quality. 

The newly released P-NA and K-NM series of PTZ cameras support the 'high bandwidth NDI' only for the best picture quality for professional users in the broadcast and ProAV industry. 

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