What are Swing, Pattern, and Group function?

22 Jun 2021
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Swing, Pattern, and Group functions are very unique features of our PTZ cameras. 

1) SWING function is shifting the PTZ camera from one PRESET (position or target) to another. So SWING is a one-way movement between any of the two PRESETs previously set by the user. 

2) PATTERN is similar to 'MACRO' function in MS-Excel. You can record all the Pan, Tilt, and Zoom actions for some period of time, and store the actions as a PATTERN. 

3) A 'GROUP' is a combination of Preset, Swing, and Pattern. Maximum 20 actions (preset, swing, pattern) can be stored in one GROUP, and you can assign the speed of presets, and the repeating number of PATTERNs and SWINGs. Pause time can also be set between actions.