Do you support NDI interface?

22 Jun 2021
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Yes, we do have PTZ cameras that support NDI interface as below;

* P-NA series (Premium NDI models)

  - 20x Optical Zoom models: P-NA20 / NA20S / NA20G / NA20SG

  - 30x Optical Zoom models: P-NA30 / NA30S / NA30G / NA30SG 

* K-NM series (Standard NDI models)

  - 12x Optical Zoom models: K-NM12 

  - 20x Optical Zoom models: K-NM20

Please be informed that we support the 'Full NDI (High Bandwidth NDI)' only for the best picture quality available, while 'NDI HX' is the downgraded version of the 'Full NDI' with far much more compression to make it lighter but sacrificing picture quality. 

For more information, please visit PTZ camera section - click here!